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…and ACTION!

You may have seen some photos on our Facebook page of our work as unit stills photographers on set of the movie Peterman.

Peterman is a dark, gritty independent production starring some very well known British actors. We can’t disclose any names yet, but once the film has been completed you can be sure to find some unashamed name-dropping on our website, Facebook and Twitter pages – so keep an eye out!

Working on set was fascinating. The scenes were filmed in a completely disjointed order due to logistics, effects, actor availability and differing locations that were all, in and around Dunstable. So, one minute you’re taking photographs of an actor breathing his last breath covered in blood, and the next scenes he is still alive and squeaky clean! In fact some of the last scenes filmed are the first scenes of the movie.

Peterman Collage

It’s not all excitement though, if there’s a scene with multiple actors, it might be filmed from multiple viewpoints and you might see the same thing filmed 12, 15 times plus… An actor’s job, not all glamour at all.

Add to that, make-up, continuity, wardrobe checks, lighting, camera rehearsals, script rehearsals and rewrites, you can imagine there was a lot of sitting around for the crew until they were needed and then it was back to 110% adrenaline-charged action!

We found it quite exciting to witness a safecracking, murder and kidnap – all in a days work! There was a LOT of blood!

Speaking of blood… (as you do, haha). Here’s how these guys make their fake blood: Mix together honey, red food colouring and camp coffee (find it in the supermarket), done! Of course there are tons of different types of recipes for different “blood needs”, but this is a basic, standard mix, and completely edible.

It was inspiring to be surrounded by such a creative bunch. With lights, props and an art department any photographer would kill for, we even managed to squeeze in a photo shoot on set with models, Emma and Becky. It was shot in the perfect location, a desolate farmhouse to give us some great grungy shots, eagerly assisted by the production crew boys of course!

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