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Gigs & Performers

When it comes to performance there are so many factors to consider when capturing ‘that’ image.

Most performers want to be seen in a style of their own, not in the image of others, unless of course they are a great tribute act.

Stage directors, set managers, cinematographers, event management or the performers themselves, have carefully set up the lighting. The last thing they need is a photographer coming along and firing flash everywhere and removing those lighting set ups. We understand that, and have the skills to work our cameras within the given lighting conditions.

We also know that images of the performer, the audience and various elements are essential in order to convey the atmosphere being enjoyed by all as well as the performance itself.

We are used to working at the side of stages, on film sets and are therefore aware of not getting in the way. When in auditoriums, we are able to minimize any disruption to the view of the audience.

Whether your images are required for album covers, newsletters, graphics, marketing material, websites or social media, we can get the images you need.

From feature films, stage plays, gigs, presentations, street performance, table top, or simple practice in venue’s large and small – we will get you the images you want.

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