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Restaurant & Retail Photography

The shopping experience can happen long before the customer steps into your premises. Make sure they see the very best you have to offer.

Food Photography

We eat with our eyes first, we keep the images natural, simple and unfussy. Your food is the star!

Hot food should look hot, cold food should look cold, we know and understand that. Great colour is so important with fresh food, and simplicity is the key to keep the food as the star of the image.

Whether we shoot within your restaurant to show the dining area, preparation areas and bar areas effectively, or take the images in studio, we have a vast range of kitchen accessories and have the option of food stylists to ensure the very best images are created.

Dave Pickering is extremely professional and easy to work with, and he has a great eye for catching the perfect shot that expresses just what we want. His photographs add impact that makes a difference on our Facebook page and materials, and presents a strong, compelling image that really represents what we’re all about. He calls it photography, I call it Art.

Lina Dehoux, Chez Jerome

Retail Photography

When a ‘physical’ retail business goes virtual, it is extremely important to show off the stock, premises, staff & facilities at their very best. If there is a shopping basket on the web site, obviously the images need to be clear, showing the details and quality of the goods.

If there is no shopping cart and the site is to encourage visitors to the shop, or restaurant then above all the images must reflect the quality of service and goods a client can expect on their visit in the real world.

We can do that.

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