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What Do Your Images Say About Your Business?

What happens when you find a website with low-quality, poorly composed and ill-lit images on their pages?

When looking to purchase a product or service most people these days turn to Google in the first instance, it is the modern and most efficient way to choose which company you would like to shop from or work with.

What happens when you find a website with low-quality, poorly composed and ill-lit images on their pages? You probably, as most would do – close the website, go back to Google and move onto the next option. The same applies if you pick up sales literature and the images do not grab your attention, you move on.

Capturing Prospects Attention

Images are extremely important when establishing your brand as professional and high quality. Your potential clients develop a first impression of you within three seconds of viewing your marketing materials.

Giraffe Photo

Whether you like it or not, potential clients immediately decide on the quality of services you likely offer based on the quality of images you use to represent them! We all know the saying that an image can say 1000 words, what if those words are not flattering, positive or even truthful?

There is being cost conscious, but using the ‘guy in the warehouse’ with his new digital camera, might not be the best value photography if it’s losing you business.

Get Professional Images, Unique to You

Using a professional photographer to capture great images that are unique to your business and convey the quality of your products, service, staff & business should be first choice. Your clients want to see who they’re really working with so professional team headshots are ideal.

It’s also important to get high quality photos of your place of business and the products you are selling. Getting your images this way you know that clients won’t see your images used in the marketing materials of other businesses, you will stand out from the crowd.

Use Stock Photography

You could use libraries, you’ll have access to hundreds of thousands of amazing images in a range of sizes (and standards) to meet the needs of your business at an affordable price, but so does any company. The most popular ‘generic’ images can be seen on many websites, adverts and sales literature, across various markets because they lend themselves to ‘that message’ at that time. It is a solution, we have our own in house stock library and we upload many images to stock libraries for sale, but if you want to be unique, it might not be the right solution.

On a positive, images with people in them have signed model release forms so you don’t have to worry about liability. Just be sure to follow the licensing guidelines for the particular image and stock photography website you are using. Some images are only licensed for editorial use and cannot be used in mass marketing.

Use Free Public Domain Images

Use your discretion here as some images are higher quality than others, but there are also some websites that host free public domain images. Be sure to read the licensing agreement very closely to make sure you use the image legally.

Never Use Images from the Internet Without Permission!

We regularly see clients wanting to use images they have pulled from the Internet without permission, to use in their marketing materials. Even if you’re pretty sure you won’t get caught, don’t ever do this. It’s copyright infringement (illegal and unethical) so don’t even consider it.

There are companies and software programs out there, whose sole purpose is to find and take legal action on any illegally, used images. It can be very costly!

Get It Right

While it will take a bit of an investment up front, using quality images is non-negotiable if you want to establish your business as credible and professional. If you have an opinion on any of this we will be delighted to hear from you and discuss any thoughts you might have.

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